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Packing List

Be prepared for rain, wind, heat, cool clouds and sun. In Oregon the weather can change quickly!

Casual dress like pants/t-shirts will be fine for most of Xplore’s activities. You will have some meals with professors, but they will be dressed casually as well. While packing, keep in mind that you should expect to: play outdoors games like frisbee or volleyball; take a hike in a local park; swim in our outdoor pool; take a trip to downtown Portland; go to the Museum of Science and Industry. We will all be sleeping together on the floor of one of the residence hall lounges, so plan to bring sleepwear that is appropriate for a mixed-sex group without a lot of privacy!

Additionally, to encourage participants to engage with one another during the program rather than with technology, we will ask participants to relinquish their cell phones, personal computers, and electronic music devices for the duration of the program. These items will be safely stored. Please let family members and friends know that in case of an emergency, they can get a message to you by calling one of your trip leaders (listed below); each of them will carry a phone.

***Please pack your items for Xplore in a separate bag from the rest of your college gear, which will be safely stored on campus during the trip.


Every participant will need these items. But if you don’t own any of them, that’s ok. Email us now ( and let us know what you need us to provide. If clothing, please give your shirt size.

  • SLEEPING BAG. A slumber party-type bag is fine; you’ll be indoors.
  • FOAM PAD or Therm A Rest type pad to provide some cushioning between you and the floor.
  • VISOR OR BASEBALL HAT—to keep the sun out of your eyes.
  • DAYPACK (like you carry your books in) to carry rain jacket, lunch, water, etc.
  • SUNGLASSES with ultraviolet (UV) protection. This is for your own safety! On a bright summer day you can burn your eyes as well as the rest of your skin.
  • WRISTWATCH. You will not have access to your cell phone.


  • COOL, CASUAL CLOTHES—several changes. You will not be able to do laundry during the program. Expect the weather to be hot and dry. Shorts, jeans, and t-shirts are ideal. Belt or other accessories.
  • STURDY, COMFORTABLE CLOSED-TOE SHOES— for hiking and outdoor activities. Athletic shoes are fine.
  • SLEEPWEAR - We will be “indoor camping” on the floor of the campus Co-op.
  • SWIMSUIT—Lewis & Clark has a great outdoor pool
  • PERSONAL TOILETRIES—soap, shampoo, contact lens supplies, toothbrush, toothpaste, menstrual products, etc.
  • SUNSCREEN—SPF 15 or higher is recommended.
  • SPENDING MONEY— in case you want to buy anything while in town during the program.
  • PROOF OF MEDICAL INSURANCE CARD—If you do not have insurance through Lewis & Clark College, then it is extremely important to bring your medical insurance card. Don’t leave home without it.
  • PERSONAL MEDICATIONS. Please be sure to bring double the amount you need. Inform a program leader what you are taking and give him/her the backup supply in case yours is lost.

These items are not necessary, but might make you happier or more comfortable.

  • PERSONAL FIRST AID KIT (if you have your own). We have a group kit, but a personal supply of Band-Aids and other basic first aid items would be useful. Also, we don’t provide any medication such as aspirin or ibuprofen, so bring your own.
  • CAMERA  You will not have access to your cell-phone camera. A dedicated camera is encouraged if you like to take your own photos, though a group camera will be available during the program.
  • CHAPSTICK with SPF 15 sunscreen.
  • GAMES—cards, board games or other diversions.
  • MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS—like a guitar or kazoo.
  • EARPLUGS—nice if you are a light sleeper.

Pathways to Success in STEM

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