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Pathways to Success in STEM

Xplore New Student Program


This FREE program takes place a few days before New Student Orientation (NSO) and is designed for students from historically under-represented groups in science, math, and health sciences. By participating in this program, students will gain tools to succeed in science and math courses at Lewis & Clark. Students will take part in lab activities, critical thinking tasks, scavenger hunts on and off campus, meeting with current students and faculty, field trips in the beautiful Oregon outdoors and much more! 

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Lewis & Clark events and travel are currently being handled online or postponed until the situation improves. However, we are hopeful that by the time of the Xplore program in August 2020, it will be possible once again to gather in person. Since the program is free of charge, there is no financial risk to students and their families should we find it necessary to cancel or postpone the August 2020 program. We promise to keep you well-informed about the status of the program, and encourage you to apply. Please contact us with any questions you might have at

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What is the purpose of Xplore?

Xplore is designed to show students what taking classes in science or math at Lewis & Clark will be like and to provide tools for success during their time in college and beyond. Entering college can be an uncertain time involving many academic and social transitions. Xplore aims to ease these transitions by providing an opportunity for students with similar interests to come together to build a social and academic community before classes begin. 

  • “Being in the Xplore program, I feel one step ahead, and I’m not as nervous to start school.” -Xplore participant

  • “I really enjoyed the lunch with faculty because it showed me just how easy it is to communicate with them.” -Xplore participant

  • “I really appreciated the workshop about how to be successful during college.  I really feel prepared now, and I don’t know what I would have done without this program. Thank you so much. This has definitely lessened my fears about college.” -Xplore participant

  • “The program taught me about virtually every opportunity and resource on campus.  Every first-generation, L&C student should have this opportunity.” -Xplore participant

  • “This program really helped me see how many resources we have on campus.  It is perfect to get to know the campus and meet new people before school starts.  It was so informative, I think it would be beneficial for anyone to join this program.” -Xplore participant

  • “The ending talk with Prof. Julio de Paula gave me the best sense of what the first few weeks of the semester will be like.  He took a lot of time to talk to us about what to do before school starts and during school, mentioning how it will be tough, but we can all manage it.” -Xplore participant

  • “It was so much fun, and now I feel really confident about starting classes. I know where everything is, and I already have an established group of friends.” -Xplore participant

By the end of the program, students should feel empowered and prepared with the necessary equipment to take on science and math classes as a college student. Plus, the usual excitement and uncertainty associated with arriving at a new place is much easier to manage after spending some time with a group of new students who may become your best friends!

No Prerequisites! All you need is an interest in STEM and a passion for learning. All skills/backgrounds are welcome. Come have fun exploring with us!

Apply Now for Xplore 2020!

LC Leaders

Meet the 2020 Xplore leaders.

Check out what 2019 Xplore Leader Cristian Cortes Cortes has to say about his experiences as an Xplore participant and then leader!


What will students do during the program?

  • Meet other students who share your interests
  • Learn about creating successful relationships with college faculty
  • Participate in lab and field activities and collaborative problem solving
  • Get advice about choosing classes and planning your 4 years at L&C

 What will students get from the program?

  • A network of friends and science peers
  • A jump-start to a successful science/math/health science career
  • Knowledge of academic and student life resources
  • Familiarity with the Lewis & Clark campus, Portland & the Oregon outdoors
  • A chance to exercise problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Practice working with peers in a group setting
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