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Conference Abstracts

As part of the Poster Conference, we will publish a booklet of abstracts.  These brief summaries will serve as a program guide for visitors, helping them decide which posters they want to look at in detail.  E-mail your finished abstract as a Word attachment to Amy Timmins.

An abstract summarizes all the components of the poster:  introduction, objective of project, methods used, key results and conclusions.  An abstract’s short length forces you to focus your prose; omit needless words.  Keep jargon to a minimum so that your abstract is accessible to someone who is not an expert in your field.

The format for the abstract must be followed exactly as given below:

  • POSTER TITLE.  Use boldface type.
  • AUTHORS’ NAMES.  Students’ names should be followed by their expected year of graduation (for example, Lisa Simpson ”˜09); the project director’s name comes last after the students’ names.
  • AUTHORS’ AFFILIATION.  Use italics type.  In most cases this will simply be Department of xxx, Lewis & Clark College.  Use the project director’s department.  For off-campus projects, list LC (for you) and the school or institution where you did the work.
  • ABSTRACT TEXT.  Indent paragraphs 1/4 inch; do not add extra space between paragraphs.  


Comparative Study of Jelly Doughnuts in Multnomah County.  Lisa Simpson ”˜09, Bart Simpson ”˜12, Michael L. Broide, Department of Physics, Lewis & Clark College.

     We have conducted an experimental study of the blah blah blah.  We find that blah blah.  This cool result shows that”¦
     Use 12-point Times font, single space, with 1.25 inch left- and right-hand margins.  Format text so that the right margin is flush, not ragged.  The entire abstract should be no more than 5 inches from top to bottom so that we can fit two abstracts on each page of the program.  If you don’t follow the format, your abstract will be returned to you.

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