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Political Economy



A minimum of 20 semester credits (five courses) distributed as follows:

At least 12 semester credits (three courses) must be discrete to the Political Economy minor (may not be used in any other set of major or minor requirements).

Core Classes

Any two of the following three core classes:

Econ 250: Radical Political Economics
IA 340: International Political Economy
SoAn 300: Social Theory 

Elective Classes

Three electives, one from each of the following three concentrations:

Global Dynamics concentration
Econ 232: Economic Development
IA 238: Political Economy of Development
IA 350: Social Justice in the Global Economy
SoAn 249: The Political Economy of Food
SoAn 265: Critical Perspectives in Development
SoAn 270: Cultural Politics of Youth in East Asia
SoAn 350: Global Inequality
SoAn 360: Colonialism and Postcolonialism

National Structures and Power concentration
Econ 220: The Financial System and the Economy
Econ 295: Political Economy of Korea
Hist 142: Modern Latin American History
Hist 347: Modern Mexico—Culture, Politics, and Economic Crisis
RHMS 360: Digital Media and Society
SoAn 353: Popular Culture/Public Protest: China

Cultural Forces and Social Movements concentration
SoAn 214: Social Change
SoAn 221: Sociology of Work, Leisure, and Consumption
SoAn 228: Class, Power and Society
SoAn 254: Social Life of Money and Exchange
SoAn 274: Chinese Culture through Film
SoAn 285: Culture and Power in the Middle East
SoAn 300: Social Theory
SoAn 324: Anthropology of Violence
SoAn 342: Power and Resistance

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Political Economy

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