Note on when you should apply: For fall participation you will apply for your visa in June/July using your program dates and the restrictions stipulated by the consulate.  For spring participation you will begin applying for your visa in November and must have access to the mail from the address that you use until you depart.  That means that if you use a LC address then you will need to have access to that mail during winter break. 

Simple steps to get you started: Please read our instructions/notes and click on the consulate or embassy link provided. Once at the embassy site, use your permanent address or your LC address to determine with which consulate you will be working to obtain your visa. The address you use must either match your LC id or your driver’s license. That means that you cannot apply for your visa in a state where you do not belong to their jurisdiction.


Visit the two websites below to determine what supporting documents you will need by determining your consulate (you are assigned to a consulate under whose jurisdiction your permanent address belongs or your LC address belongs).

  • Once you determine what supporting documents you will need, request them from our office.
  • For spring programs you must request these documents by late October so that you have them ready when you apply for the visa over winter break.
  • For fall programs you must request these documents in early April so that we can have them ready for you before you depart for summer break.
  • To learn about the visa requirements please go here.
  • To find the consulate please go here.
  • If you will be applying in Portland, Oregon please follow their specific instructions here and process your visa before you depart for either winter or summer break.  Please fill out the visa application form found on this page using Acrobat Reader. Do not attempt to use Chrome, Preview, or any other software as you will corrupt the file and render it useless.