Dominican Republic

You will receive instructions after you have completed the second-step application. In the meantime, please visit the consulate website for the country where you will study to begin compiling the documents that you will need to send to the program provider to obtain your visa.

Note on when you should apply: For fall participation please begin researching and compiling your documents in March as you will most likely apply in May/June for the visa. You want to begin the process in March so that you have everything in order before you leave campus for summer break. For spring participation please begin researching in September, you should apply for your visa in November.

Note on financial-related documents: If a document to verify financial solvency is required for your visa application, please request a letter from financial aid. If you do not receive financial aid you may be required to provide a notarized letter from your bank or from the bank of whomever is responsible for your finances.

Other documents: If you are required to provide additional documents with an Apostille Seal, please be advised that typically this seal is  obtained through the Secretary of State.  In Oregon, the Secretary of State is in Salem.  If you will be obtaining an apostille in a different state please google the contact information for the respective state.

Dominican Republic: Although you will be working with the program provider to obtain your visa there are several documents that you must obtain prior to processing the visa. The documents you will need are specified through each individual consulate.

  • Your permanent residence or where you attend school full-time determines the consulate where you can process your visa (this is referred to as jurisdiction).
  • Please visit the Dominican Republic Embassy and General visa information sites to determine which consulate you will use to process your visa and what documents will be required. Please follow the instructions for the consulate where you will process your visa.