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Health Insurance Information

Frequently Asked Questions                                                    

What health coverage do I have during my overseas program?

Undergraduate students traveling abroad on overseas programs sponsored by Lewis & Clark are automatically enrolled in a supplemental travel insurance policy underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (or in a comparable policy offered through their program provider - if applicable).  This policy contains some limited health benefits, and is designed to be supplemental to other health insurance.  This supplemental travel insurance policy includes benefits for emergency sickness and emergency accident medical expenses, up to $500,000, and also includes a variety of other coverages.  We encourage all students (and their families) to be familiar with the specific benefits of the supplemental travel insurance policy prior to departure.

As a student, I have been automatically enrolled in the College’s  Student Health Insurance program while I have studied in Portland.   Will I be automatically enrolled in that program for the semester I study abroad?

No.  For the semester students are studying abroad, they are NOT automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan.  But students can choose to continue to be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance policy by filling out the opt-in enrollment form and sending it to Student & Departmental Account Services ( and paying the semester premium.  That premium is NOT included in your fees for your overseas program. 

When does my travel insurance take effect?  When does it end?

All coverage (except trip cancellation) takes effect at 12:01 a.m. local time at the location of the Insured, on the latter of the scheduled departure date, or upon the student’s departure from the U.S.A.   Please be aware that this means that students will generally have no health benefits through the travel insurance policy prior to their departure for their program. 

Coverage ends at 11:59 p.m. local time on the scheduled return date for the program.

What are the specific benefits of my travel insurance? 

Your travel insurance includes benefits for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, accidental death & dismemberment, emergency sickness, emergency accident, emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, baggage/personal effects, and baggage delay.  Emergency treatment means necessary medical treatment, including services and supplies, which must be performed during the program due to the serious and acute nature of the sickness or injury.  Again, we recommend that all students (and their families) review the policy prior to departure to assure a thorough understanding of benefits and limitations.  

What are some of the key exclusions of my travel coverage?

Exclusions include losses associated with:

  1. Pre-existing conditions (see the policy for the definition of a pre-existing condition). 
  2. Participation in bodily contact sports; skydiving; hang-gliding; parachuting; mountaineering; any race; bungee cord jumping; speed contests; scuba diving; spelunking or caving; heli-skiing; and extreme skiing/snowboarding
  3. Dental treatment, except as a result of an injury to sound natural teeth, in which case benefit is limited to $750.
  4. Injury or sickness when you are traveling against the advice of a physician. 
  5. Care received in the United States (for example, if you must temporarily return from your program for any reason).

Emergency accident and sickness benefits are capped at $500,000.

Note that this is not a full listing of exclusions.  For that listing, see the policy document.

Do I really need other health insurance?

Yes.  Your supplemental travel insurance is designed to supplement other health insurance, and to ensure that you have access to key medical services and other benefits while you are abroad.  It does not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.   

What happens if I want to stay abroad and travel after my program?

You may extend the benefits of your travel health insurance to support your post-program travel.  You should contact to determine the cost of such an extension, as well as to request the extension.  Students should never engage in post-program travel without adequate health insurance in place.   

You will receive a welcome letter confirming enrollment and will receive a username, password and personal policy number.  You can then go to the iNext website and login with these credentials.  This will allow you to upload a photograph and put in a mailing address if you would like to receive a card.   These screens will also ask if you would like to upgrade the policy.  This is where you can extend the coverage up to 30 days beyond the program dates.

What if I need to return unexpectedly to the US during my program?

Under this circumstance, your travel insurance benefits would not apply during the time you are in the United States.  If you are abroad and determine that you must return to the United States, you do have the option of enrolling in the Student Health Insurance program as of the date of your return to the United States and paying a pro-rated premium so that you have student health insurance from that point forward.   Should you ever need to pursue this option, you should contact Student & Departmental Account Services ( as soon as you know of your situation.

What options do I have for health insurance BEFORE my program departs?

Because students’ travel insurance is supplemental and does not generally take effect until program departure, students will need to make arrangements for other health insurance.  Students can often obtain coverage as a dependent on their parents’ health insurance policy; students can opt to enroll in the Student Health Insurance program for the entire semester; or students can look into other options in the health insurance marketplace.

Can the College help me with my insurance needs AFTER I return from my program?  How do I enroll in such coverage? 

Yes.  If you are planning a return from your program, you can enroll in the College’s Student Health Insurance program as of the date of your return.  You must notify Student and Departmental Account Services ( within 30 days of your return and pay a pro-rated premium for the rest of the coverage period. 

At the beginning of my next semester AFTER I finish my overseas program, will I automatically be enrolled in the College’s Student Health Insurance plan?  What if I don’t want that?

Whenever students are studying on campus in Portland, they will be automatically enrolled in the College’s Student Health Insurance policy for their semester of study.  This is also true for students returning to Portland from overseas programs.  However, students returning from study abroad have a limited period of time during their next semester back on campus when they can waive out of enrollment in the College’s Student Health program by attesting that they have other coverage in place that is comparable to the Student Health plan.  See the Student Health Insurance website for more information about waiving out of health insurance as a student studying in Portland.  Please note:  Students studying in Portland who do not waive out of the Student Health Insurance program will be automatically enrolled in that program and billed for the insurance premium.