Learning Outcomes

1. A solid foundation in neuroscience

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of basic neuroanatomy and nervous system function on a molecular, cellular, and systems level
  • Describe the major areas of neuroscience with a clear understanding of the main research approaches, techniques, and topics

2.  Competency in quantitative reasoning and research methodology in neuroscience

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific process of hypothesis generation and testing as it relates to the field of neuroscience
  • Evaluate empirical research findings in terms of their theoretical basis, designs, and methodologies
  • Clearly present the results of a scientific study or a proposed experimental design in standard scientific written and oral formats

3.  Interdisciplinary Scholarship

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience
  • Apply and integrate their knowledge of neuroscience to other areas of their studies and to their everyday life