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Middle East and North African Studies


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Lewis & Clark College 

Reed College

University of Puget Sound

Whitman College

  • Film and Media Studies 345 The Middle East in Cinema & Media.
  • History 127 Islamic Civilization I: The Early and Medieval Islamic World.
  • History 128 Islamic Civilization II: The Modern Islamic World: The Ottomans to Arafat.
  • History 180 Cities and Empires: An Introduction to the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean.
  • History 213 United States and the Wars with Iraq:
  • History 220 The Ottoman Empire.
  • History 225 Ancient Mediterranean — Near East.
  • History 230 International Relations of the Middle East.
  • History 235 The Arab Spring in Historical Context.
  • History 305 World War I: Nationalism, Genocide, and the Imperial Mappings of the Modern Middle East.
  • History 322 History of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.
  • History 325 Women and Gender in Islamic Societies.
  • History 332 Conversion, Crusade, and Conquest: European Cultural Encounters, c. 400-1600.
  • Music 218 Music of the Balkans and the Middle East.
  • Religion 207 Introduction to Islam: 
  • Religion 217 The Qur’an: 
  • Religion 310 Hearing Islam:  
  • Religion 321 Islamic Mysticism: 
  • Rhetoric Studies 344 The Rhetoric of Social Protest: Exploring the Arab Spring 4.

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Middle East and North African Studies

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    Middle East and North African Studies

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