Program Dates



Spring 2021 Important Dates


January TBA:  Second semester student arrival
January TBA:  Orientation
January TBA :  Student Language Placement Test
January TBA:  Second semester classes begin IEP, IIEF, UDS
February  - March TBA:  Winter vacation IIEF
February  - March TBA:  Winter vacation UDS + IEP
April TBA:  All day Alsace Group Excursion
April TBA:  Paris trip
April TBA:  Spring vacation IIEF
April TBA:  Spring vacation IEP and UDS
May TBA:  Classes and exams finish IIEF
May TBA:  Last day for moving out of housing


Jours Fériés

April 2: Vendredi Saint
April 4: Pâques
April 5: Lundi de Pâques
May 1: Fête du Travail
May 8: Fin de la 2nde Guerre Mondiale (8 Mai 1945)
May 13: Ascension


Fall 2020 Important Dates

August 31: Student arrival
September 1-5: Orientation
September 7: IIEF classes begin
?: IEP and faculté classes begin
September ?: Alsace Excursion
October 24-27: Paris Trip (not confirmed)
October 24-November 1: Toussaint vacation
December 19: Last Day of first semester
December 20: Last Day for Fall students to move out of housing


Jours Fériés

November 1: Toussaint
November 11: Armistice 1918