Program Contacts

Telephone: (from USA) 011 333 88 37 31 81
Mobile: (from USA) 011 336 61 97 56 16


Bethany K. Zehr

Bethany K. Zehr, Administrative Director

At LCCF, Bethany Zehr coordinates the administration of the Nancy and Strasbourg programs. She graduated from James Madison University and did graduate MBA studies at Syracuse University. She has extensive administrative experience, including five years working for Healthcare International, in Austin, Texas.

Her many hobbies and interests include her French and American god-children, attending cultural events and lectures, reading, current events and politics, and sports. She has served on several university and community boards. She is also a member of several political, social and professional organizations. A passionate supporter of international education, she is committed to her role as student mentor and advocate. She studied for a year as an undergraduate in Strasbourg, France and has travelled in Europe and Asia.

Ronald D. Lyndaker


Ronald D. Lyndaker, Academic Director

Ronald Lyndaker holds the doctor of musical arts degree from The University of Texas at Austin. He studied as well at Eastern Mennonite University and The Ohio University. In addition to academic oversight for LCCF, he is employed as an opera singer at the Opéra de Nancy et de Lorraine, and as an associate professor and language studies coordinator at the Institut d’Etudes Politics de Paris in Nancy. He has taught 26 years at the university level. Hobbies include jogging, swimming and reading.

For him, study abroad furnishes a life transforming experience when combined with cultural and linguistic immersion.

His international experiences have included: a stay as an exchange student to Sweden; a junior year abroad at the University of Strasbourg and the Regional Conservatory of Music in France; and graduate research and study in Prague at Charles University.