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France Program

With Lewis & Clark sponsorship, this nonprofit international education association operates a  program site in Strasbourg, France.

All students are registered at the University of Strasbourg. Most participants take some courses at the corresponding Center for French Studies for Foreigners. This is an institute of the public university located on the main campus. In addition, local faculty or staff offer seminar classes each semester (such as: the European Union; Intercultural Research Project which includes an internship: French Civilisation with Provincial Village Study).

Strasbourg Study Center

An office is maintained in the city-centre, a ten minute walk from the main campus. Students have access to most departments of the University of Strasbourg, which is also home to the International Institute for French Studies. Course offerings are also available with the Political Science Institute for students applying in advance.

Program Goals

Our aim is to facilitate individualised integrative learning for each participant, emphasising language and culture through a vigorous academic program-of-study, encouraging community involvement, family stays, and internships or interdisciplinary projects. In this way, we will educate for increased critical perspective, educate to develop self-awareness and educate to see greater reserves of intellectual and moral courage.

Internships are available for capable, dedicated and qualified students. A few examples:

Strasbourg Center

  • The European Parliament
  • The French Red Cross
  • AMSEAD, a non profit association helping with immigrants
  • Catholic Charities
  • French bakeries
  • Art Galleries


The comprehensive fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • Housing (family stay)
  • All meals, laundry
  • Day long excursions - 2 per semester in Alsace and Lorraine regions
  • 4-day study trip to Paris
  • on-site orientation
  • fall pre-semester credited course
  • airport reception
  • Program tutorial courses
  • cultural events, such as: guided tours of cathedrals, museums, European Parliament, concerts, theater, opera
  • group meals
  • monthly bus pass if student does not live in city center
  • on-site directors

The comprehensive fee does not include:

  • transatlantic airfare (non Lewis&Clark students)
  • student health insurance (can be provided for additional fee)
  • personal travel
  • books

France Program

Contact Us

  • email

    voice 011-333 88 37 31 81 fax 011-333 83 30 01 64

    Administrative Director Bethany K. Zehr
    Academic Director Ronald D. Lyndaker


    Strasbourg Center
    Lewis & Clark College in France
    33, rue de Zürich
    67000 Strasbourg