Fees and FAQ

Program Fees

Tuition for summer 2024 is $3,700. 

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required thirty days following acceptance to the program. The balance is due on or before May 1, 2024. A breakdown of costs is at the bottom of this page.

Students at Tryon Life Community Farm, 2019 Students at Tryon Life Community Farm, 2019 FAQ for Parents and Students

Where do the students live during the program?

All students live together in a residence hall on the Lewis & Clark campus with close supervision provided by Resident Advisors, who live in the same residence hall, and an on-site Resident Director. The Director and faculty provide close supervision during evening events and group-wide off-campus outings.

When do students arrive and depart? 

Students arrive on campus roughly between 11:00am and 3:00pm on the beginning Sunday (Sunday, June 23) and are welcomed to campus by faculty and Resident Advisors. Students depart campus on the final Saturday morning (Saturday, July 6). 

Who leads the classroom Workshop Sessions?

Our talented faculty are published writers with mentoring experience and experience with teaching high school and college students. Faculty have obtained Master of Fine Arts degrees (MFA), which is the terminal degree in the creative writing field, or they have significant publications.

Resident Advisors Resident Advisors Who are the Resident Advisors?

Resident Advisors are upper level Lewis & Clark students or recent graduates who have a passion for creative writing, love to mentor, and have strong leadership qualities. In addition to attending Workshop sessions, the trained Resident Advisors live in the residence hall with the students, making sure the students arrive on time to classes and meals and follow the rules of the program. They also lead fun field trips!

What do student writers need to bring to campus?

A list of everything students need on campus will arrive with the enrollment information.

What are the rules for students attending the program?

Resident Advisors and students after a student Open Mic Resident Advisors and students after a student Open Mic Before arriving on campus, all participants and their parents sign a Community Code of Conduct form, demonstrating an understanding of the program’s rules. Fir Acres Writing Workshop is a community of writers, and we believe in an open, supportive environment for all participants. If a student fails to follow the Code of Conduct, the student may be sent home.

What about transportation to campus?

If you’re arriving by car, directions will be provided with the enrollment information. On student arrival and departure dates, there is a shuttle service to and from the Portland International Airport (PDX). Pick-up and drop-off is also available at Union Station (Amtrak) and the Portland Greyhound Station.

What about meals? Are there vegetarian options?

Students are provided with a meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner) at the Fields Dining Room, operated by Bon Appétit. There are always vegetarian and gluten-free options available for every meal.

What if a student has a health concern during the Workshop? Students at nearby Tryon Life Community Farm

All participants and their parents fill out a health and nutrition questionnaire with the enrollment paperwork. If there are any health or safety related issues, the participant meets with an on-site nurse on registration day to go over any concerns and review medications. If a health concern arises during the Workshop, our trained staff follow prescribed procedures, which includes involving Campus Safety, and of course immediately contacting parents and guardians. All health and medical information is kept strictly confidential.

What can students do when not in a Workshop session?

Year after year, Lewis & Clark College is recognized as a sustainable, picturesque campus. The campus is idyllic in the summer months, and students are free to explore, whether it’s writing in the Estate Gardens, reading in the library, or taking a run around the track or working out in the gym. Students only leave campus when they’re accompanied by faculty or Resident Advisors.

Will students earn educational credits?

No. The Fir Acres program does not offer college credit.

Laurel Nakanishi teaches her elective class Laurel Nakanishi teaches her elective classWhy attend Fir Acres?

Not only will the Fir Acres Writing Workshop improve—and enlighten—the way students view the acts of reading and creative writing, they get the experience of living on a college campus in a safe, fun, collegial environment, and guided, of course, by gifted and caring faculty and Resident Advisors. Plus, it’s Portland in the summer!

While here, enjoy the sunshine on the grassy hills and wooded paths around the historic mansion of our Fir Acres Estate, located at the heart of Lewis & Clark. Write in your journal while nestled against a giant fir tree. Or perch on the steps near the Reflecting Pool in the Estate Gardens and catch the view of Mt. Hood.


$500 Deposit (due 30 days after acceptance is received)
$825 Housing and facilities for one student
$550 Full meal plan for one student
$1,825 Remaining tuition (programming, faculty, and administrative costs)
$3,700 total tuition

More questions?

Feel free to reach out:

Don Waters, Director

email firacres@lclark.edu

voice 503-768-7932