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Fir Acres Workshop



Our Fir Acres Community

In the Fir Acres Writers’ Workshop, you will join approximately 60 peers, all of whom have recently completed from 8th through 12th grades. What binds our community is the quest to find our voices as writers and to notice and to trust the power of our thinking skills.

Participants at the Fir Acres Writers’ Workshop come from a range of backgrounds. In the last three decades, we have welcomed writers from throughout the United States and international students from countries including Canada, Indonesia, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

The Program

Groups are small—15 or fewer students—and are led by distinguished faculty. Groups are multi-age, created to dismantle the often counter-productive use of birth date as a criterion for participation in a lively, mutually supportive peer writing environment. Our community of writers get a preview of college life in an on-campus residential setting, and gain writing experience off-campus in and around the city of Portland.

After you are accepted to the Workshop, you will have the opportunity to choose a theme area of study. For example, the Women Writers themed group focuses on what women writers have to say about themselves, their lives, and their world. Other options may include poetry, fiction, and creative writing.

Writing Exploration and Transformation

During the two-week session, participants assemble two portfolios containing informal writing, works in progress, and finished pieces. After you compile each portfolio, you will have a one-on-one student-teacher conference with your Workshop faculty leader, to receive comments and suggestions on your work.

Participants also present their thoughtful work at two community-wide readings (Saturday of the first week and Friday of the second week) and in a final anthology.

Your portfolios, readings, and anthology provide opportunities to share what you have discovered about writing during the Workshop.

Fir Acres Workshop

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