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Exploration and Discovery

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In a wide-ranging interdisciplinary core program like E&D, the program was designed so that learning is the shared responsibility of students and teachers alike: a joint effort in the meaningful pursuit of evolving knowledge and understanding.  Please visit the Course Sections page to discover who is teaching in the program this term.

Core Steering Committee

In addition to the Director, Exploration and Discovery is also guided by the Core Steering Committee.  The Core Steering Committee Members for 2018-2019 are:

  • Arts/Humanities Faculty:  Paul Powers, Assoc Prof of Religious Studies
  • Arts/Humanities Faculty:  Matt Johnston, Assoc Prof of Art History
  • Math/Natural Science Faculty:  Jens Mache, Prof of Computer Science
  • Social Science Faculty:  Todd Lochner, Assoc Prof of Political Science
  • Social Science Faculty:  Diana Leonard, Assist Prof of Psychology
  • Student Rep from SAAB:  TBD by SAAB & ASLC (Student Government)



Exploration and Discovery

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