Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies

16th Annual Ray Warren Symposium 

November 13-15, 2019

Art Exhibit

Open daily throughout the symposium, Stamm Dining Room, Templeton Campus Center.

Please enjoy the exhibit when sessions are not in progress in Stamm.

Curated by L&C students Cassidy Keyes ’20 and Emma Ray-Wong  ’20

 Curatorial Statement:

 This year’s Ray Warren Symposium Art Show aims to explore how issues of resistance and revolution intersect with themes of racial, cultural, and ethnic identity. As curators of this year’s show, we hope to facilitate discussion of the idea of art as political resistance. We view art as a catalyst for social change and movement, as art in its many forms creates space for discussion, growth, and change. As you move through this year’s show, we encourage you to consider the themes that the visual artists are presenting, including but not limited to ideas of anger, power, action, self care, representation, and reflection as methods of both collective and individual resistance. Together, these works show us how creativity functions as a resistance to dominant narratives and presents us with opportunities to move past these narratives and reclaim our minds, bodies, and histories. We invite you to reflect on the themes of these works in conversation with the rest of the symposium—and to remember that resistance does not end here.

Participating Artists:

Vanessa Briones 

Krista Cibis 

Liza Clairagneau 

Anaïs Gurrola

Cassidy Keyes

Andrea Lewis

Joanne Sally Mero

Quinn Orona Burgos 

Htoo Ray Wah

Emma Ray-Wong

Mary Talamantez

Jacoby Zel