19th Annual Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies
Art of Storytelling
November 9–11, 2022

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Watzek Library Exhibit:
Sacajawea in (Archival) Silence

Special Collections and Archives

This exhibit contrasts the lack of reliable primary sources about Sacajawea with her enormous cultural currency. It considers paradoxical representations of Sacajawea as an icon of women’s suffrage and a damsel in distress. Cherry-picking from Lewis and Clark’s original journals, such fictionalizations distorted Jeffersonian America, marking it as an empowering society for women to which the twentieth century should aspire. Curated by L&C students Jillian Jackson ’23 and Aidan O’Dwyer ’23. On display on the top floor of Watzek Library through the end of the fall semester.