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Environmental Studies


Core Courses
  • ENVS 160: Introduction to Environmental Studies [Catalog]

Scholarly perspectives on environmental problems and solutions, integrating concepts and analytical skills drawn from natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.  Foundation for all subsequent courses in the environmental studies major.

  • ENVS 220: Environmental Analysis [Catalog]

Development of research and analytical skills in environmental studies as preparation for upper-division work by majors and minors.  Emphasis on formulation practice, and communication of research.

  • ENVS 295: Environmental Engagement [Catalog]

Faculty-directed student engagement, connecting environmental scholarship to people in a variety of settings. Identification and finalization of engagement opportunities; development of communication, cultural competency, and related skills; reflection on engagement experiences; and authoring and sharing of outcomes.

  • ENVS 330: Situating Environmental Problems & Solutions [Catalog]

Advanced analysis of environmental problems and solutions, situating them in time, space, and biophysical/human context to provide greater appreciation for their complexity as well as to help devise successful responses.

  • ENVS 400: Senior Seminar [Catalog]

An advanced, integrative keystone seminar involving primary research for all senior environmental studies majors, and taken twice for a total of four credits. Research capstones (theses or alternative outcomes) are based on each student’s concentration within the major and include both oral and written components. Students start planning their capstones during their first enrollment in the course, and complete them in their second enrollment.   

Breadth Courses
  • BIO 141: Investigations in Ecology & Environmental Science [Catalog]
  • CHEM 100: Perspectives in Environmental Chemistry [Catalog]
  • CHEM 110: General Chemistry I [Catalog]
  • ECON 260: Environmental & Natural Resource Economics [Catalog]
  • GEOL 150: Environmental Geology [Catalog]
  • GEOL 170: Climate Science [Catalog]
  • HIST 261: Global Environmental History [Catalog]
  • IA 257: Global Resource Dilemmas [Catalog]
  • PHIL 215: Philosophy & the Environment [Catalog]
  • SOAN 249: The Political Economy of Food [Catalog]
  • SOAN 305: Environmental Sociology [Catalog]
Additional ENVS-Related Courses
  • ED 450: Philosophy & Practice of Environmental/Ecological Ed. [Catalog]
  • ENVS 244: Internship/Practicum [Catalog]
  • ENVS 311: (Un)Natural Disasters [Catalog
  • ENVS 345: Sustainability Internship [Catalog]
  • ENVS 350: Environmental Theory [Catalog
  • ENVS 460: Topics in Environmental Law & Policy [Catalog]
  • ENVS 490: Topics in Environmental Studies [Catalog]
  • ENVS 499: Independent Study [Catalog]
  • GEOL 270: Issues in Oceanography  [Catalog]
  • GEOL 280: The Fundamentals of Hydrology [Catalog]
  • GEOL 340: Spatial Problems in Earth System Science [Catalog]
  • HIST 239: Constructing the American Landscape [Catalog]