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Environmental Studies

New to (or just checking out) our ENVS community and all the web technologies we utilize?  Here are the basics, so you can get a quick start:

  1. Join our ENVS Facebook group. Facebook is, well, you know what it is. Our ENVS Facebook group is a nice way for students and alumni to keep in touch, and for alumni to hear what’s new in the ENVS Program.
  2. Check out our ENVS Moodle page. Moodle is a learning management system we use at Lewis & Clark College; the ENVS main Moodle page is where you’ll find some special resources for students. (Email ENVS if you need the password to enroll on the page.) Make sure to subscribe to our ENVS Opportunities forum!
  3. Check out SGE. SGE stands for Situating the Global Environment, our special Mellon-funded initiative. The SGE website exemplifies our situated approach by featuring student and faculty research projects and associated resources.
  4. Get Zotero. Zotero is a free tool to help manage and share references; it’s also integrated into our SGE website. Full details on how to install and use Zotero are here.
  5. Get Cmap Tools. Cmap Tools is another free app we use; it helps us visually grasp and communicate environmental processes. Full details on how to install and use Cmap Tools are here.
  6. Contribute and benefit. These and other tools we use in the ENVS Program are part of our social learning approach, whereby we help each other out by sharing our scholarship and associated resources. Dive in and be a part of our community!