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WordPress Help

As you read on the DS overview page, WordPress is worth learning for a variety of scholarly and professional reasons. And it’s relatively easy to learn how to administer a WordPress site. But, for many students, these skills are entirely new.

The good news is that we are here to help! We include training and support in our ENVS core courses starting with ENVS 220, Environmental Analysis, then continuing through ENVS 295, ENVS 350, and ENVS 400, so that by the time you graduate you will have a high-quality site representing a living portfolio of your work, and web skills many of our alums have found to be highly employable.

We also have some online resources:

Given the popularity of WordPress, there are many other online help resources you can use—and, likely, many others who have experienced the same technical issue you face! Try a search, or look into dedicated help sites such as WPBeginner.   

Remember, you can always email ENVS if you have a DS technical question.