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Mellon Initiative

Lewis & Clark’s Environmental Studies Program is pleased to announce a three-year, $600,000 award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation commencing June 1, 2011 to support its innovated curricular approach featuring interdisciplinary situated research in a variety of settings spanning the Portland area to international sites. The initiative follows up on successful completion of a prior Mellon award for $300,000 to lay the groundwork via faculty and student development, and a national scale Mellon scholars program.

The primary beneficiaries of this Mellon-funded initiative are our students at Lewis & Clark—the next generation of environmental leaders in academic and policy settings. Here is a story on the initiative, and one featuring student perspectives. Opportunities for students include:

Our Situating the Global Environment initiative is more fully explained, and Mellon-funded projects documented, on a new interactive research website we have created; go to for full details. 



Environmental Studies

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