For complete information about majoring and minoring, see the online catalog.

The major requires 44 credits, including:

  • Required courses:  POLS 102 (Introduction to Comparative Politics), POLS 103 (Introduction to American Politics), POLS 201 (Research Methods)
  • Choice courses: POLS 301 (Constitutional Law) or POLS 305 (Civil Liberties); POLS 310 (Western Political Thought: Plato to Machiavelli) or POLS 311 (Western Political Thought: Hobbes to Foucault); POLS 400 (Thesis) or any 400-level capstone course, such as POLS 420 (Policy Innovation) or POLS 425 (Legal Regulation of American Democracy)

Five electives from a variety of courses: a few examples include POLS 253 (Public Policy); POLS 350 (Congressional Politics); POLS 359 (Religion and Politics); POLS 314 (Russian Politics); POLS 325 (European Politics); POLS 316 (Ethics and Public Policy); POLS 255 (Law, Lawyers, and Society)