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Environmental Studies

RSS Feeds

Students, make sure to share your RSS feeds! Below is more info.

ENVS Students who select the DS option for their courses share their site RSS feed—a special URL pointing to all your recent posts. We then aggregate all student feeds and share them with a broader public audience on our ENVS LiveWhale site and on the flatscreen display next to the ENVS office.

Course feeds and general ENVS site feed for 2019-20 will be posted here in fall 2019.

Students, here is how to prepare your RSS feeds for the form at top. You will enter a general site feed that remains the same from ENVS course to course, and one or more course-specific feeds. If you follow the category structure we recommend in our tutorials they will be like this:

  • General site feed:
  • Course-specific feed:[course]/feed/

Before completing the form, check that your feed is correct! Just Google “feed validator” and enter your feed URL…if you see “Valid RSS feed” you’re good (even if there are recommendations below). Or, add this extension to your Firefox browser (or use an older version), set it to “Enable feed detection,” and you’ll see your feed directly in your browser window if valid.

Students, would you like to display your colleagues’ course posts on your DS sites? Just add the default RSS widget to your sidebar—or, if you are on a hosted WordPress site and can add plugins, consider fancier RSS widgets like Feedzy.

If any questions on the above, email; we are happy to help you!