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Inspiration. Workshops. Networking. Pitch Competition.

January 7 - 11, 2019

Whether you want to start a new organization, work for an existing one, or are simply curious and motivated, you will benefit from this immersive week. We assign you into groups of three or four to create, research, develop and pitch an idea. You will learn entrepreneurial and life-skills amidst inspirational speakers, mentors, and leaders in the for-profit and non-profit professional community. 

Prior entrepreneurial experience or an idea required? No.

Motivation, curiosity, and commitment to fully participate required? Yes. 

The keynote speaker for 2018 was Neal Keny-Guyer, the CEO of Mercy Corps, the largest non-profit in Oregon and universally respected for its world-wide humanitarian aid work and social entrepreneurship training.

Workshops included in Winterim:

  • The Value Of Liberal Arts

  • Innovation & Deign Thinking

  • Delivering Value: How to Win at Winterim  

  • The CEO of You: Liberal Arts & the Future of Work

  • Researching Market Size and Competition

  • How to Communicate Your Story

  • Personal Financial Literacy

  • Hardcore Productivity & Decision-Making

  • The Art of the Sale 


Winterim - 2018 Schedule

2018 Overview/Brochure

Students discuss their experiences during the workshop.



Successful completion of the weeklong Winterim entrepreneurship workshop is noted on student transcripts. 

Priority and Financial Aid Application deadline is November 10, 2018

See the 2018 application and tuition pages. For questions, please email or 


  • Winterim in Action

    “Winterim opened my mind to the world of social entrepreneurship, a field I would have never considered if I had not taken this valuable course. It was both inspiring and practical in its content and skill development. I ended the week feeling empowered to harness my liberal arts education to make a difference using my career.” 

    — Frances Swanson ’17 (ENVS)

  • Winterim in Action

    “A lot of my friends in their social science classes have been telling me about their ‘capstone’ classes where a broad topic in their field of study is analyzed through a variety of intellectual frameworks they have learned up to that point. Reflecting on last week, I feel that Winterim was my quintessential capstone of the Liberal Arts, providing me the space to gather up all the knowledge, communication skills, and creativity I have learned so far to solve a pressing social problem.”

    — Joshua Proto ’16 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

  • Winterim in Action

    “The program elucidated how entrepreneurial thinking alongside meaningful collaboration has limitless potential in changing the world for the better. The incredible line-up of speakers provided invaluable insight into the entrepreneurial world by highlighting the ways a liberal arts education uniquely prepares students to engage with innovative design.”  

    — Alexa Jakusovszky ’16 (International Affairs)

  • Winterim in Action

    “Winterim made me feel like anything is possible. Through the lens of entrepreneurship–specifically social entrepreneurship–every problem becomes an opportunity for a solution. Jed Emerson’s passionate persistence in breaking down the separation between doing good (donating money and service) and doing well (making money) convinced me that the critical mind of a liberal arts student can visualize and create paradigm-shifting new ways of understanding the world. As someone with no previous business or finance experience, Winterim provided an incredible opportunity to engage with the process of turning ideas into practical and profitable ventures.”

    — Gabriella Seltzer ’16 (SOAN and minor ENVS)

  • Winterim in Action

    “For me, the experience of Winterim was entirely invaluable, confirming the non-academic applications of a liberal arts education, something that I had been greatly questioning until this week. The networking activities alone were absolutely incredible and made for a week that was beyond expectations.”

    — Zach Kavanaugh ’18 (Studio Art)

  • Winterim in Action

    “Winterim was one of the most valuable experiences I have had at my time at LC. This week was filled with speakers that pushed my boundaries of what I believed about business and showed me how we could harness profit to serve the common good.” 

    — Madelaine Hyde ’16 (International Affairs and Economics)

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