Saturday and Sunday, October 17th & 18th from 9:30am to Noon


Whether you are starting a company or starting a revolution, learn how to understand your customer to best Amanda Hill craft and communicate your message. Even in times of great disruption and change, you will learn universal marketing fundamentals that are constant.

‘At the heart of every business is the customer. Quite simply, without a customer, there is no business’.


Max capacity 15

Marketing’s role begins and ends with a focus on the customer. It is one of the most important, dynamic and proactive parts of any organisation for driving revenues, and it is the key interface with the most valuable asset a company has - its customer. Marketers are fixated with understanding consumer needs, desires, wants, trade-offs and even anticipating what customers don’t know they want yet, all with the aim of transforming this insight into creating competitive products or services that out-maneuver the competition. Marketing is ultimately about creating a game-plan to win.

Through this workshop, students will be introduced to some of the key principles of marketing through real world case studies alongside simple tools used to help guide an organisation through the maze of disruption as experienced in today’s competitive and more socially-driven environment.

Our specific focus will be on giving an introduction into:

Marketing strategy and Brand Positioning: How marketers look to answer the fundamental questions - of Who, What, Where, Why, When + How: Which market ? Who is my customer? What do i need to provide that customer - where + when? And how do I communicate that value- through messages and platforms - in a way that is culturally relevant, compelling and effective.

Customer Centricity - Not synonymous with customer service, customer centricity starts with customer focus and need-gathering.

Go-to-market strategies - Understand the drivers that influence customers and how marketing strategies are implemented.

Marketing is also fast paced and constantly having to adapt, but this workshop will help students recognize that within disruption and change there are some fundamental principles that are also constant and unchanging – it’s purely how they are executed that needs to adapt.

Miscellaneous info:
There is a $10 workshop fee
There is a $20 stipend for each student that completes the workshop.
Completion of the weekend workshop will give priority (after expected entrepreneurship minors) for getting into instructor’s potential spring marketing class.
Zoom link will be shared in confirmation email.


UK native Amanda is a highly experienced and passionate marketing executive with a proven track record in the commercial, strategic and creative development of brand and customer-led strategy and innovation that delivers a step-change in performance and ambition.

Amanda most recently served as Harrods’ first Chief Marketing and Customer Officer (CMCO). Under her remit as CM&CO, Amanda led the store’s overall brand strategy, overseeing all marketing, communications, visual merchandising, CRM and customer service, digital, personal shopping and media campaigns and operations.

Prior to Harrods, Amanda served as Chief Marketing Officer for A&E Networks in New York, overseeing marketing for all the networks and businesses in the US and abroad. Amanda also previously served as Chief Brands Officer for BBC Worldwide, where she was responsible for developing the brand strategy for all of BBC Worldwide’s businesses and formats.

Unafraid of balancing the tried and true with innovation and risk taking, she’s renowned for her fixation on the customer, her belief in the power of storytelling and harnessing both to build culturally resonant brands across multiple media platforms. She recently moved to Portland with her family to support her husband in his role as GM/VP Global Digital at Nike.


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If it turns out you cannot attend a workshop, please notify as soon as possible so we can release the spot to a wait listed student. You may not transfer your position to another student–we will go through the wait list first but encourage your friends to sign up. 

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