Idea Hour


Join these speakers to explore ways you can be paid for your talents!!

Amber Case - an L&C alumna, studies the interaction between humans and computers and how technology is changing everyday life. Case is currently a 2021 Mozilla Fellow working on the future of money, alternative business models for the web and creator.

Adam Bradley - an L&C alumnus, is a professor of English at UCLA where he directs the Laboratory for Race & Popular Culture (Rap Lab). Bradley is the author or editor of six books.

Scott Owen - Baker Brothers Media is a Video Production Company based in Portland, OR. Their clients include Nike, Red Bull, Ferrari, Sorel, Keen, and Hyper Ice. In addition to client based work, Baker Brothers Media also films documentaries and music videos (most recently with Dababy). While at L&C, Scott was awarded the John & Susan Bates Fellowship award.

John Paik - is an avid lover of music, fashion, entertainment, sport and technology. John has an all around understanding of how consumer have revolutionized & adapted within today’s culture.

Kaylee-Anna Jayaweera - is a campus resident advisor and a computer science and international affairs double major. Also, Kaylee-Anna is a member of the varsity women’s crew team and leading a cappella when close contact is allowed.