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Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Fall 2014 Teams


Melissa Parsons, JD | Jessie Young | Carrie Greenshields | Holly Partridge, JD

IINIT is a leading social justice crowdfunding platform that helps great ideas get funding and attention, empowering individuals and organizations to make positive, systemic change through their legal service programs, civil rights initiatives, and indigenous causes. Want change? Want justice? Get INIT!



Philip Kolba | G. Paul Kolba | Canada Taylor

Consumers who seek counseling or mental health care often face the challenge of needing immediate service for a complaint but lacking enough knowledge of the field to make an informed choice for clinician.  Humanist addresses this challenge by providing a service that combines the speed, accessibility, and privacy of a directory search with the customized recommendation received from family or referrals.


Intrepid Resource Management

Erich Roepke | Hunter Meece | Stein Retzlaff

At Intrepid Resource Management (IRM), we use Google Earth to pinpoint aluminum irrigation pipes and other valuable metal scrap discarded across Oregon’s rural farmlands.  We then purchase scrap from the customer’s property, process it, and sell it at a higher value.  IRM’s approach genuinely helps farmers and ranchers, and provides an ecological benefit by recycling metal products.


LūP Aquaponics

Jared Adler | Sagar Patel | Anna Volkova

Lūp Aquaponics will offer a sustainable, scalable food production system that produces high-yield top quality product, year-round, at affordable prices in the Portland area.  Aquaponics is a scientifically proven and viable system that embodies the future of local, sustainable food production.



Keziah Peterson | Sari Berger | Raymond T. Craddock | Robert Amico

ShyProfiles will create an online community for long-term support of those affected by mental health disorders.  Our website will be unique because of its revolutionary use of ShyProfiles that protect the users’ identities and maintain a safe environment while allowing users to post in forums and private chats. 



Gabe Binder | Andrew Ellen | Cristian Franco | Nicky Gibbs | Sam Weller

venU seeks to establish a platform that facilitates local music with untraditional venues. It is our belief that any kind property; whether it be a house, barn, field, or anything in-between, can be suitable for live music. This will give underground and local artists an untapped source of opportunities to book gigs. Best of all, when artists and venue hosts collaborate they can post upcoming shows on venU for local music lovers to see. Therefore, enabling the artists to gain exposure and the hosts a chance to capitalize on entry-fees.