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A Fireside Chat with Remy and Andrew Neymarc

On April 23rd, the Center for Entrepreneurship at Lewis & Clark was proud to host the second event of the 2014 “Fireside Chat” Series with our distinguished guests, the Neymarc Brothers: Founders of Neymarc Visuals and the youngest ever directors of a Super Bowl Ad.

When a commercial for the Lewis & Clark rowing team went viral and caught the attention of famed Disney producer Don Hahn (The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, Atlantis), Remy and Andrew entertained the idea that their talents in visual story telling could lead to something bigger. The encouragement and praise they received from Don nudged them into further developing their craft, leading them to enter their work into as many contests and festivals as they could find. After finding success in several contests, the Neymarc brothers established themselves as producers with an eye for innovation — and have started catching the attention of brands world wide. The reputation got a big boost following a Dannon yogurt ad that the brothers wrote and directed which was a hit Super Bowl Ad. Since then, their work has been broadcast around the world and have even appeared on the giant video screens in New York City’s Times Square.



Lewis and Clark Rowing Spot

Dannon Super Bowl Spot

SL Green Time’s Square Spot

Neymarc Visuals 2014 Show Reel


The Neymarc Brothers are an excellent example of entrepreneurs who are using their passions and education to create their own futures. The Center for Entrepreneurship invited them to the historic Hollywood Theater in Portland to take questions from Michael A. Kaplan – “MAK”- managing director of Lewis & Clark’s Center for Entrepreneurship to hear their thoughts on entrepreneurship, the creative process, and what it takes to transform ideas into realities.

After MAK’s questions, Remy and Andrew fielded questions from audience members that were collected and asked by Brian Detwieler-Bedell, Academic Director of the Center. The brothers then stuck around after the event to talk with students one-on-one before hopping aboard buses to ride back to campus with the students.  The Neymarcs and a number of the event attendees are pictured below, in the lobby of the Hollywood Theatre!

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