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Jim Knapp: Building Value

Jim Knapp spoke with Lewis & Clark students for the first EOC - Entrepreneurs on Campus event in the new “eLab”.  He grew a company to over $100 million in annual revenues that today creates and crafts digital content for some of the most well known companies in America.

Students were able to interact with Jim on a personal level during the presentation and coffee hour.  His poignant statement, “What you want your tombstone to read needs to be your definition of success,”
established the tone. Mr. Knapp, now 80 years old, drew from his experience buying and growing smaller companies across the Northwest to explain how the success of his companies hinged on the culture of his employees. His words resonated with students who were eager to ask questions that furthered his thoughts on purpose, and company culture.

Mr. Knapp narrowed his thoughts to three points: take responsibility, don’t mislead others, and that the hallmark of a career is the love and camaraderie left behind when you die. These insights were warmly received by students and built a great foundation for the next EOC Speaker!

Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

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