Health and Counseling Frequently Asked Questions

  • My student is struggling emotionally. What help is available? How can I help?
  • Where can I learn about meal plan options, locations for food on campus and my student’s special dietary needs?
  • My student is struggling academically. What help is available?
  • My student is struggling. What help is available?
    • A Crisis Counseling Service is available at 503-265-7804 whenever the Counseling Service is closed or staff are unavailable. Trained mental health staff can assist with concerns.
    • A Nursing Consultation Service is available 24/7 to all enrolled students; call 1-877-617-9531. A registered nurse will ask questions and help you decide whether you need medical help.
    • If this is an emergency and the student is on-campus, call Campus Safety at 503-768-7777; or go to your nearest hospital emergency room. For off-campus emergencies, call 911. Campus Safety cannot respond to off-campus incidents.