About Ask A Parent

Ask A Parent is an online resource that enables prospective or incoming parents to contact L&C parents for advice and insight. We understand the information available on the Lewis & Clark website is informative; however current parents can be the most effective way to get a specific question answered, so we have developed this resource to connect parents.

How it works:

  • Current and past parents volunteer to answer questions received from prospective or incoming parents.
  • Your name, city, state, and student name and year is displayed on the Ask a Parent web page. 
  • Email addresses are kept confidential because questions are submitted through a form and sent via email.
  • A copy of the question is sent to Parent Programs, so we can assess what type of information parents are seeking and develop ways to address those questions online.

Joining Ask A Parent:

  • Any current or past parent is welcome to join and provide insight and answers to questions. 
  • We may choose to not accept a parent volunteer if we already have too many parents for that area.
  • Each fall, Parent Programs will refresh the Ask A Parent page and confirm that all participants are interested in continuing to serve as ambassadors on this page. During this annual process-or at any other time in the year-a parent can ask to be added or removed from the listings. Just email parents@lclark.edu.


  • We predict no more than 5-10 questions per parent per year with the heaviest times around spring application season and summer before first year students arrive on campus.


  • Volunteers serve as ambassadors of Lewis & Clark College and provide answers to a wide variety of questions.
  • Don’t know the answer? Many answers can be found on the Parent web page: http://college.lclark.edu/parents/resources/ or by using the search bar at the top of the page.
  • When in doubt just forward the email on to parents@lclark.edu and staff will join the conversation.

Please fill out this form to join Ask A Parent.

Thank you for your support!

Ginger Moshofsky ’83
Associate Director
Alumni & Parent Programs