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Listing yourself on a Wait-list

On  the “Search for Sections” page in WebAdvisor, you can see if a course is open, the number of seats available, and, if a wait-list has been created, how many students are currently on the list.

During Registration appointment times, if you wish to wait-list for a closed class, add yourself to the wait-list first, then register for an open course.  If you have already reached the maximum number of credits for which you can register, WebAdvisor will not allow you to complete any other activity, including wait-listing.  The Registrar’s office can assist you with wait-listing for classes if you are having difficulty.

You may add yourself to more than one wait-list.

Registering for wait-listed seats

The Registrar’s Office begins processing wait-lists about a week after the priority  rounds of Registration close.  This processing will continue over the course of the summer or winter break.  Our office will notify students, via the LC email account, if a seat opens in a class for which the student is wait-listed.  Once notified, the student will have eight days to register for the class. If the student doesn’t register within the eight day period, s/he will be removed from the wait-list and the seat will be offered to the next person in line.

We highly recommend that students check their Lewis & Clark email accounts at least once a week to be sure that they do not miss the opportunity to register for a wait-listed seat.

If you are wait-listed for a class that has a lab section, please note that vacancies for courses with labs are filled by the queue in the LAB section.  The wait-list for the lecture section is essentially irrelevant and frequently cleared so that students in the lab sections can register as seats become available.  If there is an open seat in the specific lab which the student can take, there will always be a seat in the lecture. 

If you have questions, you may contact the Registrar’s Office at or at 503-768-7335.