Spring Registration for First Year Students

Information for New First-Year Students (those starting fall 2021)

The College Catalog

Before you select your courses for spring semester, it is important to read the registration information and to study the Lewis & Clark College Catalog, especially the section on requirements.

The Catalog provides you with all of the information you need to know about what requirements you must complete to graduate from Lewis & Clark.  All students are required to complete “general education” courses which provide students with a solid breadth of liberal arts experience across a range of disciplines.   Students also choose one or more Majors (and potentially a minor) in order to study a given topic in depth.  The courses required for these general education and Major/Minor requirements are explained fully in the catalog. 

In addition, the catalog also provide information about our policies – when you can add courses, when you can drop or withdraw, how grades are calculated,  petitions and appeals process,  and many other topics.  We highly encourage you to explore this section of the catalog. 

Please note that you have entered under the 2021-22 catalog and those requirements will apply to you for the years that you are an active student at LC.   The 2021-22 catalog will not be available until sometime in late June, but you can refer to the 2020-21 catalog for an example. Your college advisor can help you use this catalog to plan.

Lottery Numbers

Registration “Lottery” numbers are randomly assigned to incoming freshmen and transfer students.  These lottery numbers determine your registration time, and those times shift every semester so that you have the opportunity to register in the most desirable registration times as well as the less popular times. To view your registration appointment time, visit WebAdvisor.

During the first round of registration:

  • You will register for one 3-5 credit course.  (A lecture course with a required zero-credit lab and/or conference is considered one course even though you may register for two or three sections.)  You will not be able to choose a PE/A or MUP (music performance) course.

During the second round of registration:

  • You will register for your remaining courses up to 19 credits.

Open registration:

  • After the first two rounds of registration conclude, registration remains open for students to make changes or take advantage of seats offered from the waitlist
  • Because class sizes are small and some courses fill quickly, it is in your best interest to register at your appointment time, though you can still fill out your schedule during open registration. 

If you have questions about your registration or the courses to choose, your faculty advisor or the staff at the College Advising Center can help you with those questions.  If you don’t remember the name of your advisor, contact the  College Advising Center.

Before beginning the Registration Process

 Check WebAdvisor for Registration Permissions

  • Registration appointment days and times
  • You will need advisor permission to register.
  • Instructor consent may be necessary if the course requires it or if you do not meet the prerequisites or restrictions listed for the course.  Contact the instructor directly for permission.

Confirmation of these approvals will appear in the Registration Permissions area of WebAdvisor.

Check WebAdvisor for My Holds/Restrictions

  • Check for holds which may prevent registration and address them before registration begins.


Check that Prerequisites have been met with Transfer Credit (if applicable)

  • If you have transfer credit that should meet the prerequisite for a course, you can submit the Course Substitution form to our office.

    Contact the Degree Audit and Transfer Credit Specialist based on your last name:

    A - K:  Tiffany Henning at thenning@lclark.edu  or at 503-768-7325
    L - Z:  Caitlin Hansen at chansen@lclark.edu or at 503-768-7332 

    Please note that official documentation of the coursework must be on file in the Registrar’s office in order to have credit awarded.

Obtain any Prerequisite Substitute or Consent Needed to Register for a Course

  • You may submit a completed Course Substitution form to the Registrar’s Office.
  • In place of this form, the instructor him/herself may grant permission online to enable you to register for the course section. 

If you have questions about course selection, contact:
Your faculty advisor or The College Advising Center
Phone: 503-768-7750
E-mail: cac@lclark.edu

If you have questions about CORE classes (Words and Numbers) contact:
E-mail: gened@lclark.edu

If you have questions about registration, contact:
the Registrar’s Office
E-mail: reg@lclark.edu

If you have questions about AP, IB, or Transfer Credit:

Contact the Degree Audit and Transfer Credit Specialist based on your last name:

A - K:  Tiffany Henning at thenning@lclark.edu
L - Z:  Caitlin Hansen at chansen@lclark.edu

Additional Resources

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