Student Authorization to Release Educational Information


The college has one release form maintained through the Registrar’s office that allows a student to designate a third party to be given information about the student’s educational records. Access can be limited to certain documents or types of records.

The form may be used to allow college officials to speak with a relative or non-relative, though its use does not mandate that information will be released. Please note that while the form gives the college permission to share otherwise protected information when requested, it does not mean that the College will initiate contact with third parties, and nor does it give the third party the right to act on behalf of the student. In some cases, College officials may first contact the student before sharing information even if a release is on file.

While this release covers the vast majority of educational records, some offices require additional or specialized release forms to be signed by the student.  An explanation and links to forms or offices are listed below.  Unless otherwise noted, release forms are valid for the academic year in which they are executed, and expire at the end of that academic year’s spring semester. Students may revoke a release at any time, for any reason.

Authorization to Release Educational Records - Standard Form

The Authorization to Release Educational Records form, when filed with the appropriate Registrar’s Office (CAS, Graduate or Law), allows college officials to communicate with the named third party regarding the records indicated by the student. This is the form used for all educational records unless a specific form is required by an office listed below.

Authorization to Release Financial Aid Records

To consent to the disclosure of financial aid information, students must submit the Financial Aid Authorization to Release Information Form to the financial aid office for each academic year they wish to release their financial aid information to the people or organizations indicated on the form.

Financial Aid Office

Authorization to Release Student Account Records

Release of student account records will be covered under the standard Authorization to Release Educational Records. However, students may share their “E-Bill” with parents by following simple steps to allow “shared access”. Directions may be found on the Establishing Shared Designee(s) page of the Student and Departmental Account Services webpage.  Shared Access for a designee does not expire and will remain in place unless the student revokes access.

Student & Departmental Account Services

Authorization to Release Office of Student Accessibility Records

Students interested in pursuing a release of information specific to information in the Office of Student Accessibility need to sign the OSA Confidential Release of information that permits OSA staff to discuss information concerning the students’ academic, psychoeducational, disability, and/or mental health information with a specifically designated 3rd party.  These releases expire at the end of the current academic year.  Students need to contact OSA staff directly to access this release form.

Office of Student Accessibility

Authorization to Release Health and Counseling Records

Oregon medical privacy law establishes different standards than FERPA for release of health information by the Counseling Service the Student Health Service and the Health Promotion Office.  As a result, these offices require their own release forms be signed if students wish to authorize disclosure of protected health information. Students and their parents and guardians who have an interest in authorizing disclosure of health information from these offices should contact these offices directly.  Professional staff can help students and their families consider the best ways to manage information disclosure. 

Authorization to Release Student Athlete Medical Records

The Athletic Department will not release medical records without consent of the student-athlete. The student-athlete must file a release with the Sports Medicine Department authorizing the release of specific medical information prior to the disclosure of such information. For more information about medical records release forms for student athletes, please contact  Athletics Training staff at 503-768-7032.

Questions about Policy and Privacy

For questions about the privacy of student records, please contact the Registrar at the appropriate school:

Registrar’s Office, Lewis & Clark College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Registrar’s Office, Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling
Registrar’s Office, Lewis & Clark Law School