A petition form may be used to request exceptions to policy. 

The purpose of academic policies

The purpose behind all academic policies is to preserve the integrity of the Lewis & Clark degree and provide our graduates with an exceptional credential - nationally valued and respected. Academic regulations are approved by the faculty of Lewis & Clark College and may be modified for an individual student only upon the approval of the Curriculum Subcommittee on Petitions, Appeals and Student-Designed Majors (Petitions Committee). The full policy on modification of academic requirements can be found in the College Catalog

Types of Petition Forms

There are currently two types of petition forms - one for a specific purpose, and one for all other matters. Links to the petition forms can be found at the bottom of this page. Please read through the information below before choosing your petition form.

Petition Forms

Petition for Modification of Academic Requirements

Students may use this form to request an exception to policy. This form is used for all matters that may be petitioned except for late course withdrawal

Petition for Withdrawing from an individual course after the withdrawal deadline

This form is intended for only one type of petition – a request to withdraw from one or more (but not all) courses after the withdrawal deadline.