Faculty can change the order of students on the wait-list by emailing  Kelly Marx at

We normally begin processing wait-lists on the Wednesday after the second round of  registration ends.  Students will be offered seats in sections as seats open up, in the order  they put themselves on the  wait-lists (or as modified by faculty). 

Students will not be moved directly into classes, but will be given “permission” to register from the wait-list. This allows them to use WebAdvisor to make any necessary adjustments to their schedules and add their wait-listed classes.

Students can register/wait-list themselves for sections until about 2 weeks before the new semester begins. After registration ends  (typically one to two weeks before either the new semester or NSO begins), no one can be added to the wait-list, and wait-list processing will be suspended.After this, the only way for a student to register in a course is with the instructor’s  consent via WebAdvisor during the add/drop period.  

Some boring technical details

Please note that vacancies for courses with labs are filled by the queue in the LAB section. The wait-list for the lecture section is essentially irrelevant and may be frequently cleared so that students in the lab sections  can register as seats become available.  The logic here is that if there is an open seat in the specific lab  which for which the student can register, there will always be a seat in the lecture. 

When you view your wait-list, the wait-list is usually arranged in “status date” order unless modified by  the instructor. When we grant a student permission to register, that act creates a new status date - the  date which permission was granted. Hence, don’t be surprised that students who are given permission  will drop to the bottom of the wait-list on your roster. This is normal.

The student will have  two days to register for the class.  If the student doesn’t take advantage of the seat in that time period, s/he will be dropped from the wait-list and the seat offered to the next person in line. Students will be sent an email with all of this information prior to the beginning of wait-list processing, and will be advised to check their LC  email accounts (even throughout the winter or summer breaks) at least once a  day so that they do not miss an opportunity to register. If you have questions, you may contact Mary Tweddle or Hayley Bentley.