During the add drop period you may have special students approach you asking to be allowed to register for your class. These students do not have the ability to register via WebAdvisor either because the course section does not currently exist, or they do not have access to web registration.

  • These students should have special registration forms and registration permission will be given on paper forms rather than on WebAdvisor.
  • If allowed to register they will be regular students in your courses and should adhere to the same standards as all other students since they will be earning regular Lewis & Clark credit.
  • Please note that if you have a wait-list, preference should go to our regular degree seeking students.
Templeton Scholars

This program provides opportunities for gifted high school students from the greater Portland area to undertake advanced study. Qualified students who seek a challenging academic experience beyond the offerings of their high school curriculum may enroll in regular Lewis & Clark courses with the permission of the instructor. For more information on the program, you may visit

Special Student Programs

Students in “special programs” are those students who are not currently seeking a degree from the CAS. They may be community members, staff, faculty, students at the LC law school or LC graduate school, or students from other schools earning credit in a semester away from their home institutions. These students should have a special registration form provided by the Admissions office.

Alliance Cross Registration

Students from other Alliance member schools may take one course at Lewis & Clark in any given semester. These students should have a special registration form provided by the Registrar’s Office.

Practica, Internships, Independent Study and Directed Study

These course sections must be arranged and the completed learning agreements submitted prior to the end of the add/drop period

Because there are limits on the number of internship and independent study credits which may be registered for in any given semester, and on the total number of such credits which may be applied to the degree, each student’s form must be reviewed before the course may be added to the student’s schedule. We strongly encourage students to submit the learning agreements to the Registrar’s office early in the add/drop period so that they are alerted to any concerns before the end of the add/drop period. Forms received in the last few days of the add/drop period may not be evaluated in time for students to make alternate choices if they have exceeded the maximum number of allowable credits.

The Independent Study and Internship forms have been updated this year to make them more user friendly. The same information is included on the form, but hopefully in a more clear and concise format.

Electronic signatures are not accepted as the college does not have the software to authenticate those signatures.