Instructions: Submitting a Course Proposal

The Course Inventory Management system (CIM - pronounced “kim”) is used to manage all course information.  You can:

  • view courses that are currently active
  • make proposals to edit existing courses (including designating a course to satisfy major/minor requirements)
  • remove obsolete courses
  • add new courses.

The information that you enter here flows through to both WebAdvisor and the College Catalog.  All faculty can create course proposals, though the chair of all departments that use the course must approve the proposal. The Edit, Propose New Course, and Deactivate buttons will open forms specific to your need.

Important: there are two versions of CIM

  1. CIM for regular departmental courses offered on a regular schedule, whether that is every semester, annually, every two, three or four years, or even “infrequently”:  Standard CIM
  2. CIM for special one-time offerings.  These XXX-198, 298, 398 or 498 courses are offered once as pilot courses, one-time special offerings, or as part of a visiting faculty member’s area of expertise.
    Special Topics CIM

Please be sure that you are entering your course proposal in the correct iteration of CIM, or it will be returned to you for re-entry.