How to revoke previously granted permission to register for a course section

During the add/drop period, students may only register for a course section if the student has obtained the instructor’s permission via Self Service AND there is an open seat.  If you gave a student permission during regular registration, and you no longer want that student to be able to take a seat during the add/drop period, you must revoke the permission.

You can see which students have already received permission from you by looking on the Permissions tab of your roster in Self Service.  Please keep in mind that any student that has permission can register for an open seat during the add/drop period. 

Currently, revoking permission is a manual process that must be completed by the staff in the Registrar’s Office.

  • To revoke a student’s permission, send the following information from your LC account to with the subject “revoke permission”.
    • Course number and section - Example: BIO-100-02
    • Semester - Example: Spring 2024
    • Name and ID number of student
    • Text that states “please revoke the permission to register for this student in this section” or something to that effect.

Our staff will revoke permission as soon as possible, but please be advised that open seats can be filled by any student that has permission during the add/drop period. We encourage you to revoke permission the week prior to the beginning of the add/drop period.