Request that a non-attending student be dropped


All registered students are expected to attend classes regularly. Class attendance on the first scheduled day of a semester is especially important. If you are unable to attend the first class, you should contact the course instructor prior to missing the class or on the day of the class. If, after missing the first class, you do not attend the second class meeting, the instructor has the right to have you removed from the class roster.

What should I do if a student is not attending my course?

As the instructor of the course, you are not actually obligated to take any particular action. It is the student’s responsibility to attend to registration matters, and if the student remains registered in your course, you would award the grade earned at the end of the semester. 

That said, there are times during the semester in which it would make sense to have the student be dropped or withdrawn from the course - for instance, to open seats for other students during the add/drop period.

How do I request that a student be dropped or withdrawn?

During the add/drop period, if a student has not attended the first two classes (or stops attending altogether) you may request that a student be dropped.

  • Send an email to and include the following information:
    • Course and section number - Example: ENG-280-01
    • Semester
    • Student name - please include the ID number if at all possible
    • Last date the student attended - or if the student never attended, state that. This information is required for federal reporting purposes
    • Text stating that you want to have the student withdrawn for non-attendance

Note that during the second week of classes you will be asked for information about attendance for the Financial Aid Office.  While your responses are very important for the Financial Aid Office, a student will not be dropped at that time unless you specifically ask me to drop the student for non-attendance.

After the add/drop period, and up until the end of the 10th week, you may request that a student be withdrawn for non-attendance by following the same procedure.