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Health Promotion and Wellness

Sexual Assault Response Advocate (SARA)

 Any Lewis & Clark community member may speak with a SARA, whether you are a survivor, a friend of a survivor, a concerned student, or a faculty or staff member. All interactions with the SARA are confidential.

Sexual Assault Response Advocates (SARA) are staff and faculty members under the supervision of the Sexual Assault Response Network Coordinator. Each SARA values and understands diverse perspectives, experiences, and identities.  For a list of current SARAs, click here

A SARA will offer you overall assistance, support, information and follow-up regarding any form of sexual misconduct as outlined in the Lewis & Clark College Sexual Misconduct Policy.


A survivor or friend can contact a SARA, receive support and information, and only disclose what they wish to. This maintains confidentiality and control over what a survivor wishes to share while providing assistance as necessary. The survivor may choose to utilize services outlined by a SARA, or the survivor may choose to do nothing at this time.

Contact with a SARA is confidential.  

In general, no information is released to individuals outside the SARA network without the express, informed and written consent of the survivor. There are certain exceptions to this rule, as permitted by law. Our experience is that these exceptions arise infrequently. They include:

  • If the SARA believes the survivor is at significant risk of suicide or of harming others, they will take action to protect the survivor or others from harm. This could involve a limited disclosure of information to health care providers, Campus Safety, or a similar entity.
  • Should someone disclose information relating to probable child abuse, elder abuse, or abuse of a vulnerable adult (for example, someone who is developmentally disabled or mentally ill, or who has a disabling illness), we are required to notify state authorities. Also, should someone be over the age of 18 and engaging in sexual activities with someone under the age of 18, we may be required to report this matter to state authorities.
  • SARAs may consult with other advocates in an effort to improve the quality of services. All such consultations are strictly confidential.

More contacts

Campus Safety Office: (503) 768-7777

Counseling Center: (503) 768-7160

Student Health Center: (503) 768-7165

Health Promotion and Wellness: (503)768-7112

Student Support Services: (503) 768-7191

Dean of Students: (503) 768-7110

Office of Campus Living: (503) 768-7123

Resident Adviser Duty Phone: (503) 768-8999

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