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Health Promotion and Wellness

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

Lewis & Clark College is committed to supporting a culture of respect and non-violence.  This entails providing a learning environment free of all forms of abuse, assault, harassment, and coercive conduct, including sexual misconduct. This page is administered by Health Promotion and Wellness, located in Odell 012.

Options and Resources for Survivors

Need immediate help? Contact one of the SARAs listed here.

Gender-based violence does not occur solely between specific types of people or in specific places; incidents of sexual misconduct can happen to anyone, regardless of sex, gender, age, ethnicity, class, religion, sexual orientation, clothing, demeanor, relationship status, or any other choice or identity. No matter who you are, where you are, what you do, or what you have done in the past, gender-based violence is never your fault. The only person who is ever at fault for sexual violence is the perpetrator. 

Lewis & Clark’s Sexual Assault Response Network provides survivors and Lewis & Clark community members with a coordinated set of campus resources to educate, empower, and protect.  The main point of contact in this network is a Sexual Assault Response Advocate, or SARA, a College professional specifically trained to provide support for survivors and their friends. You can contact a SARA at 503-202-3119, or reach out to one on this list.  All interaction with an advocate is confidential, and you may speak with an advocate anonymously. More information about the Sexual Assault Response Advocate (SARA) is available on The SARA Webpage.

Network members can provide counseling assistance, medical treatment, aid in seeking legal advice, family crisis management, help with rearranging class or exam schedules, residence halls transfers, and many more services.  NOTE: While these resources will hold information private, not all of the resources below are confidential, those that are are confidential denoted with *. 

Title IX Coordinator: (503) 768-7676

Campus Safety Office: (503) 768-7777

*Counseling Service: (503) 768-7160

*Health Service: (503) 768-7165

*Health Promotion and Wellness: (503) 768-8225

*Ombuds Office: (503) 768-7336

Student Support Services: (503) 768-7156

Student Rights and Responsibilities: (503) 768-8181

Dean of Students: (503) 768-7110

Office of Campus Living: (503) 768-7123

Resident Advisor Duty Phone: (503) 768-8999