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Have you been thinking about quitting smoking? Maybe you’ve already made the decision to quit. Perhaps you’re not a smoker, but have friends or co-workers who’ve contemplated quitting.

There’s no better time than today! Studies show that individuals who quit smoking early in life can decrease risk of developing smoking-related diseases by up to 90%.

Whatever stage you are at, there are resources available to help. Many health insurance companies now provide tobacco cessation programs for their clients. Individuals can also contact the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line.  Lewis & Clark also offers some resources to students and staff who want to stop smoking.

For Employees
For Students
  • Contact the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness ( for guidance about best strategies for cessation, including referrals to the Student Health Service or Counseling Service.
  • Research options through your health insurance provider. Many health insurance plans cover at least some tobacco cessation services.
  • Contact the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line.
Local Resources

Smokefree Oregon

American Lung Association - Oregon Chapter

Tobacco-Free Coalition of Oregon

Online Resources

American Heart Association - Kick the Habit. Quit Smoking

American Lung Association - Stop Smoking

American Cancer Society -Stay Away from Tobacco

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - How to Quit

Freedom From Smoking Online