COVID-19 Resources

Medical Consultation and COVID Support for Students in Residence or Taking Summer Classes, 2021

Guidelines for Student Self-Isolation, Summer 2021

How do I self isolate if I’m waiting for test results or medical guidance? If I live on campus, how can I arrange food delivery if I’m self-isolating? Students who develop any COVID symptoms, or who are awaiting test results or medical consultation related to COVID issues, need to read these guidelines!

Informed Consent for COVID Testing for LC Students, Spring 2021

If you are testing in an entrance or surveillance testing program on campus for asymptomatic students, please read and sign this form, and bring a copy with you to the testing site.  


Information about On-Campus Healthcare and Off-Campus Testing

Check out the Health Service COVID Resources webpage for the latest information about on-campus healthcare and testing options!


Supporting Student Wellness During COVID-19: Webinar for Parents, July 2020

Expectations for Students Who Have Recently Arrived to Campus After International Travel

FAQs Regarding Advocacy for Survivors

What CA (Confidential Advocate) or other advocacy services are available to students?

Any member of the Lewis & Clark community can speak with a Confidential Advocate for support. Whether you are a survivor of sexual or interpersonal violence, a friend of a survivor, a concerned student, or a faculty or staff member, we are here for you. All interactions with Confidential Advocates are confidential.

If you are at home in a different state or country, a Confidential Advocate can help connect you with local resources so that your needs are met. The Confidential Advocate page on L&C’s website has been updated to reflect the current availability of advocates. Check the webpage to meet each of our advocates and find their contact information. Feel free to reach out to an advocate individually, or contact Melissa Osmond in the Office of Health Promotion at, or 971-319-2992.

Additional resources: