COVID-19 Resources

Guidelines for Student Self-Isolation, Spring 2022

How do I self isolate if I’m waiting for test results or medical guidance? If I live on campus, how can I arrange food delivery if I’m self-isolating? Students who develop any COVID symptoms, or who are awaiting test results or medical consultation related to COVID issues, need to read these guidelines!

New! December 29, 2021:  Booster Dose FAQ

Everything students need to know about getting a booster dose, and complying with the College’s requirement for booster doses.

How to Upload COVID-19 Booster Dose Documentation into the Health Information Portal

Students are advised to upload documentation of their COVID-19 booster dose into the Health Information Portal as soon as possible after administration of their booster dose.

NEW!  October 19, 2021:  The latest COVID FAQ for Students!

Get answers to all your COVID-related questions, like:

  • Whether you really need to self-isolate?
  • Where to get COVID testing any time of the week?
  • How to get meal delivery if you are a student in residence?
  • What to do if you are exposed to someone with COVID?

COVID Educational Module, 2021-22

Follow the links below to listen to Lewis & Clark’s COVID educational module, designed to orient community members about how they can protect their own health and the health of our community in academic year 2021-22.  The component modules below are collectively about 11 minutes long.  Please keep in mind that this content was produced in mid-August 2021, and college guidance may change over time.

Informed Consent for COVID Testing, Academic Year 2021-22

If you are testing in an entrance or surveillance testing program on campus for asymptomatic students, please read and sign this form, and bring a copy with you to the testing site.  This form is suitable for students, employees, or contracted staff.  You need to complete this form once each academic year.

Information about On-Campus Healthcare and Off-Campus Testing

Check out the Health Service COVID Resources webpage for the latest information about on-campus healthcare and testing options!