Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Services (SAPES)

What is SAPES?

SAPES is an intervention designed to empower students to make healthier choices by discussing the health impacts and risks associated with using alcohol and drugs.

SAPES is available to all students and is mandatory for those have violated college policy regarding alcohol or other drug use. These students are referred by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and resolution coordinators.  Students who wish to participate voluntarily are encouraged to contact Health Promotion and Wellness. Additionally, students who have been mandated to complete an alcohol and drug education course by a municipal court may also attend the programs.

SAPES is based upon a harm reduction strategy and is designed to provide a forum in which Lewis & Clark students can engage in a meaningful, focused discussion about alcohol or other substance use. Upon completion of the program, students will possess a foundational understanding of:

a) The impact that substances have on students’ individual health and impacts on the community;

b) Myths and realities associated with substance-induced effects;

c) Skills to limit the amount and severity of negative consequences that can be associated with underage and excessive alcohol or other substance use.


SAPES Sessions - What to Expect for Students

The nature of SAPES will depend on the specific factors related to a student’s conduct situation or the reasons related to their referral. Typically, however, students can expect the following:

  • First, students complete a private and confidential online self-assessment of their previous and current substance use habits. This assessment is designed to help students reflect on the various ways in which substances may or may not impact their health and well-being.
  • Then, students will have a one-on-one meeting with a Health Promotion & Wellness staff person to review the self-assessment and discuss in more depth the role that substances play in the student’s life. This meeting is completely private and confidential (e.g., nothing discussed will be shared with the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities or other offices). The meeting is designed to help students reflect on the positive and negative impacts of their substance use and increase their confidence in being able to make informed and healthy decisions. In these meetings, Health Promotion & Wellness staff aim to:
    • Be non-judgmental
    • Be empathetic
    • Not be punitive or critical
    • Be aware of the realities of being a college student
    • Provide support, tools, and information


  • After the first meeting, some students may require further meetings, referrals, or other recommendations depending on the needs of the student and the situation. SAPES is complete only once all recommendations and meetings are completed. 
  • Group educational sessions on alcohol and marijuana are also available.  These sessions are scheduled as needed, or upon request.