Drug Use and Health

Drug use and abuse can negatively impact a student’s ability to perform academically, as well as subject a student to institutional and legal consequences that may threaten success. Abstaining from using drugs is the only way to completely protect oneself from these risks.


Students frequently ask about cannabis (marijuana), as it is a substance that has been legalized in some states (including Oregon) for medical and recreational use. It is important to note that legal does not equal safe.  Consider the health impacts of alcohol and tobacco, for example.  

What does the research say about cannabis use?  

In the spring of 2019, L&C invited Dr. Jason Kilmer to campus to talk about the research on the health and social effects of cannabis use among college students.  See the links below for recordings of his presentations on campus.  Accompanying handouts are also below.  We recommend using the handouts while viewing the presentations.   Note: You must have a L&C log in to access the presentations.

Dr. Kilmer’s Presentation to Students

     Handouts-Student Presentation

Dr. Kilmer’s Presentation to Faculty and Staff Members

    Handouts-Faculty and Staff Presentation

IMPORTANT: Although medical and recreational use of cannabis is legal under certain circumstances in the state of Oregon, it is still prohibited under College policy.


The College encourages all students who use drugs to seek appropriate assistance. The College provides alcohol and drug abuse information, education, or referral services to help meet individual needs and to assist in times of crisis. The Counseling Service, Health Service and Health Promotion and Wellness Service are available to all students for confidential alcohol or drug-related consultation, whether or not those students are covered under the College health insurance program.

Students should also be aware of the College Policies regarding drug possession and use.

The health risks of drug use can be severe, especially with excessive or prolonged use. The following resources detail some of the health risks associated with various recreational drugs:

National Institute on Drug Abuse - Commonly Abused Drugs

Vaults of Erowid