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Lifetime Email FAQ

What is lifetime email forwarding?

In the coming years, you’ll change jobs and ISP’s often. Every time you do, you’ll change email addresses – and you’ll have to notify everyone you know. With your lifetime email forwarding address from L&C, you won’t have to do that. Your email will be forwarded to your job or ISP account. Just give everyone you know your lifetime email address, and they’ll always be in touch. Treat us like the postmaster general. When your job or ISP changes, let us know, and all your email will be forwarded to your new email address.

Lifetime email forwarding is a benefit for alumni who already have an email address. It is a unique combination of your name and class year. An example of a lifetime email forwarding address would be

How does it work?

When an email is sent to your lifetime email forwarding address, it passes through the servers at Lewis & Clark College before it is sent to your email address. When the email reaches our server, it passes through a virus screen and is then sent to the email address you have in the College database.

Why should I use lifetime email forwarding?

Give your lifetime email forwarding address to your classmates, list serves, potential employers, online accounts, etc. If you have to change your email address, you only have to notify L&C – your friends, family, and accounts can still reach you because they can send email to your lifetime email forwarding address.

How can I access my account?

The lifetime email forwarding address does not have an account where you can send and receive messages. However, you can change the setting on your email account to look like your messages are coming from your lifetime email forwarding address by changing your outgoing mail SMTP to your lifetime email forwarding address. If you do not know your forwarding address, request it here.

How do I activate my account?

All alumni have a lifetime email forwarding address. There is no need to “activate” the address. If we do not have an email address for you in our database, you cannot receive emails sent to your lifetime email forwarding address. The sender will receive a “mail undeliverable” response.

Who do I contact when I change email addresses?

Please send us your email address when your email address changes. This can happen when you change jobs, ISPs, or email hosts. To update your information, call 503.768.7950, e-mail, or submit your information online on this page.

What about spam?

You may receive spammed email messages if your email address is posted on the web. There are people and software that collect and store email addresses found online to be used for email solicitations and mass emailings. If you asked to be listed on the alumni web directory before it was password protected, your lifetime email address may have been obtained by a third party for solicitation purposes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.