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Alumni Weekend: June 19-22, 2014


Staff reunion coordinators
Class of 1954 60th Reunion

Angela Torretta,, 503.768.7838

Class of 1959 55th Reunion

Angela Torretta,, 503.768.7838

Class of 1964 50th Reunion

Angela Torretta,, 503.768.7838

Class of 1969 45th Reunion

Angela Torretta,, 503.768.7838

Class of 1974 40th Reunion

Ginger Moshofsky ’83,, 503.768.7444

Class of 1979 35th Reunion

Andrew McPheeters,, 503.768.7936

Class of 1984 30th Reunion

Ginger Moshofsky ’83,, 503.768.7444

Class of 1989 25th Reunion

Tanya Sloan ’07,, 503.768.7941

Class of 1994 20th Reunion

Angela Torretta,, 503.768.7838

Class of 2004 10th Reunion

Stephen LeBoutillier ’00,, 503.768.7955

Class of 2009 5th Reunion

Ginger Moshofsky ’83,, 503.768.7444

Reunion giving coordinators

Hiromi Head,, 503.768.7909

Madeline Pruett,, 503.768.7963

Overseas/off-campus reunions coordinator

Victoria Diaz ’14,, 503.768.7934


I have a question about my on-campus housing reservation. Who do I contact?
Please contact Angela Torretta,, 503.768.7838 for all questions related to staying on campus.

Where will check-in be located?
Check-in is located in the Frank Manor House. That’s where you will get your nametag and event tickets, and the welcome brochure that contains a map of campus, the full schedule of events and locations, hours for the bookstore and athletics facilities, information on how to access the internet on campus, and other helpful info. Please note that if you cannot go up and down stairs, or are in a wheelchair, access to the lounge where check-in is located will be through the side door, located on the South side of the building.

I registered for several events, but would like to attend more. Should I just sign up for those when I get to campus?
Your check-in will be much faster if you are pre-registered for everything you would like to attend, so we encourage you to register online or call us at 503.768.7950 and we’ll sign you up! If you don’t have time to call ahead, stop by the Manor House when you arrive and we’ll get you signed up for everything. 

Why are locations not listed on the online schedule?
Campus is rather small, so locations are assigned based on the size of group that registers for a particular event. Since we have lots of registrations still coming in, those assignments cannot be made ahead of time. A full schedule listing locations of each event will be available when you check in at the Frank Manor House.

I won’t know until the last minute if I can attend anything/I haven’t been receiving info about Alumni Weekend but would like to come. Can I just show up?
Yes, of course. If you can, please register online or call ahead - 503.768.7950. If you can’t - come to the Frank Manor House and we’ll register you there. There are several things we cannot accommodate walk-ins for, the biggest being on-campus housing and alumni wine tours.

It looks like it might rain…
In the chance that it does rain, we have indoor backup locations for all outdoor events. In true Portland fashion, we do not consider sprinkles rain, though. The rain and sun locations are published in the welcome book that you will pick up at check-in.

I have special dietary needs? Will they be accommodated?
We will pass on all dietary requests to Bon Appetit, who are very good at making sure all the needs of campus guests are met. Please contact Tanya Sloan at or 503.768.7941 if you have dietary needs that you did not note at the time you registered. Food will be very clearly labeled with ingredients at events and meals. There are always vegetarian/vegan, and gluten-free options at events and meals.

I registered and have to cancel. Can I get a refund?
Cancellations can be made at any time via phone (503.768.7950) or email ( Full refunds will be available through June 15. If you have a family emergency or another urgent reason to cancel after June 15, refunds will be given on a case-by-case basis.

I have accessibility limitations. Can I still come to reunion? Stay on campus?
Many campus buildings, all of the apartments, and most residence halls are ADA-compliant. There are several rooms in apartments that are built specifically to accommodate wheelchairs and have low counters and accessible bathrooms. Some paths on campus are not accessible, and some older buildings do not have wheelchair access, elevators, or accessible bathrooms. Campus is large and can be tricky to navigate, so persons with mobility limitations are recommended to bring a friend or family member to help. If you have questions, please call 503.768.7950 or email

Can I park on campus for free during Alumni Weekend?
Yes, parking is free for the duration of Alumni Weekend. Please follow all campus signs regarding not parking in loading zones, fire lanes, and reserved spots. There are a number of  spots on campus reserved specifically for guests with handicapped tags. Cars parked inappropriately may be ticketed.

You haven’t answered my question here. 
Sorry! Please call our office at 503.768.7950 or email and we’ll get it answered.



Reunion Assistants

We also have nearly 20 current students and recent alumni acting as Reunion Assistants who will be available to field inquiries during Reunion Weekend. Look for them around campus wearing bright orange polo shirts:

imageNoelle Ballandi ’14

Major: Economics and Math

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal




imageAviva Browning ’15

Major: Biology

Hometown: Olympia, WA




imageJessie Chipps ’13

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA




imageLaura Christensen ’15

Major: Political Science

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA




Sage Coy ’14

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

imageAllison Curtis ’13

Major: Sociology/ Anthropology

Hometown: San Rafael, CA




Raymond Fenton ’16

Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies

Hometown: Montego Bay, Jamaica

imageNway Khine ’14

Major: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Rangoon, Myanmar




imageKallie Kurtz ’13

Major: International Affairs

Hometown: Anchorage, AK




imageJenny Louthan ’13

Major: Computer Science and Math

Hometown: Edmond, OK




imageLucy Lurie ’14

Major: Psychology, French Studies

Hometown: Hopkins, MN




imageJesenya Maldonado ’14

Major: History

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA




(not pictured) Hunter Meece ’15

Major: Religious Studies

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

imageHannah Miller ’14

Major: Sociology/Anthropology; Rhetoric and Media Studies

Hometown: Lafayette, CO




imageRita Ombaka ’14

Major: International Affairs and Musicology

Hometown: Nakuru, Kenya




imageDylan Stringer ’14

Major: English

Hometown: Portland, OR




imageLame Ungwang ’14

Major: Economics

Hometown: Gaborone, Botswana









imageDerek Warner-Reyes ’14

Major: Biology and German Studies

Hometown: Toms River, NJ