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Greek Life Reunion

Alumni Weekend 2019: June 20-23


Rush Down Memory Lane!

Pledge to attend the Greek Life Reunion event
during Alumni Weekend 2019.


Relive your Pioneer Greek Life experiences with your best sorority and fraternity friends! We’ll have a special display of Greek Life artifacts curated by the college’s archives staff; we’ll eat; we’ll drink; we’ll sing; we’ll laugh; we’ll reminisce. You won’t want to miss this event! Spread the word - everyone is welcome!

Do you have any photos you’d like to have included our Greek Life slide show? Scan and submit them here; email emily@lclark.

Inter-Sorority Council: 1951


Lambda float: 1952


Volleyball in the reflection pool in 1966: Sig Eps vs.Theta Chi

Your Greek Reunion Planning Committee:

Dolores Chenoweth ’62 - Alpha Gamma
Diana Nelson ’60 - Alpha Gamma
Ardis Mangels ’58 - Alpha Gamma
Margi Brown ’64- Delta Phi Gamma
Holly Schmidt ’64 - Delta Phi Gamma
John Davenport ’67 - Lambda Phi Epsilon
Chris Jay ’72 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Ron Clemenson ’55 - Sigma Alpha Sigma
Bill Mangels ’55 - Sigma Alpha Sigma
Paul Jorgensen ’85 - Sigma Phi Epsilon
Jim Frank ’85 - Sigma Phi Epsilon
Eric Hyland ’85 - Sigma Phi Epsilon
Phil Lacy ’67 - Sigma Phi Epsilon
Don Whitehead 58 - Delta Tau Rho/Sigma Phi Epsilon
Doug Lee ’68 - Theta Chi
Ken Trapp ’67- Theta Chi
Mary Devlin ’68 - Theta Kappa
Susan Blair ’51 - Theta Kappa
Joan Whitehead ’57 - Theta Kappa

If you have questions about the Greek Life Reunion, please feel free to contact Emily Decker ’85 in Alumni and Parent Programs: or 503-768-7838.