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Alumni & Parent Programs

Overseas and Off-Campus Program Reunions, Affinity Reunions

Alumni Weekend: June 23-26, 2016


Overseas and Off Campus Reunions

You traveled the world together and created a special bond of shared experiences. Reunite with your traveling companions and group leader to share stories of your adventures since you parted ways!

There are possible reunions in the planning stages for the following groups during Alumni Weekend:

Australia 1981
Australia Spring 2000
Australia 2010
Brazil 1967
India 2009
Israel 1980
Kenya 1978
Kenya 1990
Peru 1973
Scotland 1986
Strasbourg 2009 and 2010
Washington DC 1970

For more information and to help bring your group together, contact Rachael Penchoen-Lind ’18 at or 503-768-7950.

If you would like to organize a reunion for your group, download the proposal here and submit it by January 26th.


Student Government Reunion

There will be a reunion of those who dedicated their time to Student Government while at Lewis & Clark. Visit with presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, Student Academic Affairs Board officers and others who were committed to leadership.  

For more information, email Dith Pamp at